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# 1 [09 Sep 2032|01:01pm]

Hello and welcome! I am Nilou and this is the place where I dump all my sim related stuff.
This journal is 99.99% public and you don't need to add me in order to download what I make or to see my pic!spam. Anyways, I always add people back, so don't hesitate adding me if you want to. Still, it would be nice if you leave a comment somewhere (here or on one of my entries) because it makes me happy to know the people on my friend list.
On a side note: my English is horrible. So bear with me and with my spelling errors, please!

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MOVING! [03 Jan 2012|11:05am]
I created a new journal and I am moving there. I feel like this one has become too cluttered and unorganized. This account will only be used as archive and I won't add anyone anymore.
I am slowly trying to be-friend everyone there too, but this will take forever, so, feel free to add my new journal! It is still creepily empty, but I am going to post something soon! :D

nnnilou nnnilou nnnilou
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# 106 [01 Jan 2012|01:29pm]
Happy New Year! I hope you spent a wonderful New Year's Even and had a lot of fun!
Do you remember the mesh I was rambling about a couple of days ago? Well, it is finished! I managed to fix the legs and even to learn how to add morphs! Can you believe that? So here it is!

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[30 Dec 2011|02:32pm]

I uploaded my gifts for the GoS Advent Calendar! Take a look!
And also, do you remember the mesh I was working on yesterday? Well, I made some progress, but I still need your opinions!
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# 105 - HALP! [29 Dec 2011|07:49pm]
Hello! Guess what I did today? I tried to learn how to edit meshes! And I... Somewhat succeded? I mean, I think I understood what you should do to change shoes to a mesh. But, still, I have a little problem. Under the cut for a huge, layout-braking, ugly, BS picture of what I mean.

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# 104 [25 Dec 2011|01:16am]
MERRY CHRISTMAS! My friends' page is full of wonderful posts made by wonderful people and I wanted to join them and share something I made as a sort of Christmas gift. Once again, I feel so happy to be part of such a great community. I have met so many amazing people and I think I have actually become friend with some of them. Thank you!


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# 103 [17 Dec 2011|09:47pm]
I think I am on a roll. I like extracting textures from basegame objects, editing them and slapping COLOURlovers patterns on them. It's addicting!


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# 102 [06 Dec 2011|03:52pm]
Hello! How is everyone? I am fine, except for the fact that my internet connection died and I am using an internet key. Which works fine, but it is not as good as the regular ADSL. This is why I did not comment on everyone's entries lately and I was not very active on Tumblr either. On the other hand I had much more time for creating. I am working on the gifts for my Santee and on some items to share here as a sort special gift for all my LJ friends. And for those who spoiled me with their lovely words on allthingsimlish. Thank you. The first of these gifts is a very simple recolour of two of my favourite walls ever. It is the first time I make in Homecrafter so I thought I simply had to share!


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# 101 [09 Nov 2011|04:35pm]

Hello! Yesterday was an extremely boring day so I decided to do something different... Object recolours! Namely, a patterned version of the Satinistic loveseat. a set of recolours of a Maxis basegame barstool, using curiousb's actions, and a couple of minimalistic Pokèmon posters. I hope you enjoy!

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# 100 [04 Nov 2011|12:54pm]


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# 99 [22 Jul 2011|05:09pm]
Hello! I just wanted to let you all know why I have disappeared and why I won't be able to be active in the communnity for the next couple of months. I had a car crash, I have been in a coma for some days and I am going to stay in hospital at least until I won't be able to move properly again. Still, from a psycological point of view, I feel wonderfully. I am so happy to be alive and to still have my mind and my body and to have all the people I love close to me and helping me while I am in need. I hope that this will help me become a stronger and better person.

As for the sims, I am sorry not to be able to post all the CCs I made, but I will try to reply to the questions you asked me recently. I am missing the community, you are all so amazing and I think I made friends with so many of you! :D

I hope you are having a wonderful Summer!

Much love, Nilou.

: thank you everyone for being so amazing, I read and appreciated immensely every single comment you left on this entry and the Secret someone wrote for me. You are great. <3
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# 97 [19 Jun 2011|03:30pm]

More pictures from Pleasanview!

WARNINGS: 100-ish pictures, undead sims.

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# 96 [13 Jun 2011|12:20pm]

I know, I already madeover Pleasantview at least a billion time, but... when I saw
meetme2theriver 's awesome clean Maxis neighbourhoods templates I had to download and play with my favourite Maxis 'hood ever, Pleasantview! 

WARNINGS: 200ish pictures, homeworks, witchery, house makeovers.

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# 95 [04 Jun 2011|05:09pm]

Hello everyone! It has been quite a while since I posted anything, but lately I have been quite productive and I have a lot of stuff to share!

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RESOURCES [13 May 2011|05:47pm]

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# 94 [09 May 2011|08:12pm]

I have been meaning to upload these for a couple of weeks, but, being the incredibly lazy person I am, it took me a lot to take decent preview pictures. Anyway, here they are, a retexture of Amaryll's pencil skirt for AF and of the dress Kayleigh made for the GoS Advent Calendar (I use that dress so much in my game, I desperately needed more colours!).

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# 93 [30 Apr 2011|03:52pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

WARNINGS: 100-ish pictures, green babies, Strangetown sims & some ramblings.

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Teaser pic inspired by [info]huning .

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# 92 [17 Apr 2011|10:56am]

WARNINGS: 95-ish pictures, aliens, house makeovers.

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# 91 [08 Apr 2011|09:25pm]

A lot of very random images from Strangetown.

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# 90 [27 Mar 2011|01:33pm]

Hello everyone! I come carrying two retextures of two Maxis BG meshes for elder women, which were originally made for my favourite elder ever, Olive Specter. I recently began to makeover and play Strangetown (I may post some pictures soon) and I noticed that Olive's dress, the balck, long-ish one, had some potential, so I edited it and another mesh as well, because I really need more clothes for my EF.

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